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Relationships app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9360 ratings )
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Developer: PositivePsyche.Biz Corp
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Current version: 1.3.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Feb 2012
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Lost Love: 365+ Ways Couples Grow Apart Without Realizing It and How to Reclaim Your Closeness

- How do you make Love work?
- How do you communicate your needs effectively?
- How do you compromise without losing yourself?
- How do you recover from loves disappointments?
- If you feel like you are losing touch, how do you reconnect?

We have all asked these questions. Authors Sarah and Rick Ruiz found a unique way to provide insight and answers to Loves questions. This App provides distinct perspectives when Love is Weakened, when Love is Felt and how Love is Reignited after a difficult time in a relationship.

Lost Love captures the struggles, expectations and challenges couples face. This App offers relationships hope and renewed dreams.

Discover the healthy things that keep our love alive plus intimate and practical ways we can care for one another in a committed relationship. Identify the unspoken hurts couples feel but dont know how to express and find healing ways to enrich your relationship.

This App holds no age, race, religion or sexual preference boundaries. The wisdom contained is for everyone and anyone. It is a wonderful and refreshing way to identify where you have been in love, and where you wish to be. If you are ready to improve your relationship and understand Loves language, this is the tool.


- Candid relationship feelings that are hard to say but easy to share
- Suggestions to help rekindle your love
- Heartwarming timeless love quotes to keep your union strong

What couples have said:

What couples have said:

LOST LOVE is a must-have book for anyone in a long-term relationship -- whether yours is struggling or flourishing. I have shared LOST LOVE quotes with friends in both steady and shaky relationships, and they all agreed that they were guilty of things they hadnt even realized they were doing.

It inspires me to work on the love that I have found. It makes me realize my own insufficiencies. I enjoy it all.

Extremely Insightful and Relatable (5 stars)
This App is fantastic. All the things that are mentioned within the App that I have read so far are so real and down to earth and are therefore extremely helpful in aiding one to recognize the issues in ones relationship plus it doesnt end recognizing the negative aspects of the relationship but it goes on to share very realistic ways to help fix and change those problems to heal the issues within. Thank you so much for this app!

Amazing (5 stars)
This book is truly incredible! It is helpful and inspiring. This App is well worth it.

Latest reviews of Relationships app for iPhone and iPad

I love this app because it says everything that I have been feeling. It also gave me good ideas to share with my wife so that we could find a way to talk things out and reignite our relationship. I always go back looking for new love quotes and never see the same one twice.
Simple and powerful
It is amazing how simple things are so easily overlooked. Love is grand and can be grander. Great app!!
Very insightful and knowledgable. Touches on everything you could ever wonder about a relationship. Really helps keeps the spark ignited. Thanks!
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